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INTERACTIVE is a non-governmental and non-profit, volunteer-based assosiation, working in the field of non-formal learning, citizenship education and intercultural dialogue.

We are an assosiation, united by an idea of expanding the boundaries of communication, knowledge, and development of multicultural dialogue.

We aspire to show that the world is more interesting than it seems, and to create space for young people’s development through their participation in European projects of non-formal education and youth mobility.

Since 2009 INTERACTIVE has organized more than 40 international meetings for youth and youth workers, mainly focusing on civic participation with topics concerning Human Rights, discrimination, diversity, democracy etc.

INTERACTIVE is a member of the network "Connect", united several European organizations working in the field of citizenship education.

The INTERACTIVE target group is the youth (mainly 15-25 years old). Also we do projects for youth workers.

Category: Außerschulischer Austausch, Beruflicher Austausch
Program-Line: Fachkräfteprogramm, Projektorientierter Austausch, Informationsmaterialien, Jugendbegegnung, Kooperation von Schulen und Trägern der Jugendhilfe
Tags: межкультурный_диалог, гражданское_воспитание, культурное_многообразие, Европа, историческая_память, молодёжная_работа, молодёжное_участие
Topics: Education, Democracy, Dialog, Professionals program, History and politics, Media, Human rights, Mobility, Trilateral projects


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Group Administrator:  Mikhail Zhukov

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